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Topography and History


The Bali Countryside Cultural Village and Plantation is located in the village of Sukahet, which is in the Regency of Karangasem in East Bali, and is located along the Sidemen Road. From Klungkung you pass through Paksebali Village, then Lebu or Lokasari Village, and then you arrive in Sukahet. Proceeding northwards through the village one arrives at the village of Delodyeh, and to the south-west is the village of Toh Jiwa.

There is a mountain range that runs from the west coast to the east coast of Bali in the northern half of the island. To the north of this range is the north coastal plain and to the south are the rice growing regions. Sukahet is only a short distance to the south of the range and the village is dominated by views of Bali's mother mountain, Gunung Agung, and also by Gunung Abah. In the foreground are many foothills of these two mountains. Gunung Agung is Bali's highest mountain, peaking at 3142 metres, and is also volcanic, having last erupted in 1963. To the east is Gunung Merta (or Bukit Sepah).

Flowing alongside the village at a short distance to the west are the River (Sungai) Unda and the River Masin. The two rivers join together approximately one kilometre to the south-west of the village where they both become known as the River Unda. They are also joined by the Telaga Waja (river), forming a 'Campuan' or convergence, of three rivers, which is the only one in Bali. The Telaga Waja is named after the color of steel (Waja means steel), and it emanates from Lake Batur on Mount Batur, another volcanic mountain. The Unda River flows from the mighty Mount Agung and the Masin River begins at Mount Abah. This 'campuan' has a strong spiritual significance, and is revered as a bathing area for the cleansing of the body and the mind. Indeed, when cleansing ceremonies are held in Sukahet and the surrounding communities, water will be transported from this campuan to the site.

It was the proximity to all these strongest of spiritual areas that enticed many of the early western visitors to reside in the area, especially those such as Walter Spies and
Theo Meier who instigated the cultural and artistic renaissance in Bali in the 1930's. When you visit the region and see the spectacular mountain range, the rainforest and rice terraces, and the clear flowing rivers that make this area one of the most naturally enchanting regions in Bali, you will understand why.

The village of Sukahet is surrounded by areas of rainforest and rice terraces, with an undulating landscape that makes the area one of the most naturally enchanting in Bali.